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Employment Immigration

The length of time a foreign national is allowed to stay in the United States depends on the visa category under which that individual is admitted. It’s an alphabet soup of different categories from A to almost Z! A person admitted in one category can sometimes change status to another temporary category, or pursue permanent residency (the “green card”).

The process can be challenging, to the say the least. Brian can smooth the way by determining the visa category that is right for you and your family, and if necessary assisting with changing status from your current category to a new category or to permanent residency.

Immigrant Visas (green cards based on employment)

Brian can help a variety of professionals, including:

Non-Immigrant (temporary) Visas

There are many different kinds of employment-related temporary visas including ones for athletes, musicians, artists, journalists and professionals with a degree related to the area of employment. The most common of these is the “H” visa. This non-immigrant visa classification applies to a foreign national who will be employed temporarily in a “specialty occupation” (one that typically requires a bachelor’s degree). Under current law, there is an annual limit of H visas, so timing the application correctly is very important.